In the competitive ASEAN Information Technology market, GTS Vietnam was honored to win the title of  Top 10 ASEAN Strong Brands in 2024. The honors program will be held at Marina Bay Sands – Singapore in April 2024.

With a strategic vision and dedicated mission, GTS is not only a leading software development enterprise in Vietnam but also a leader in this field throughout the ASEAN region.

GTS offers an ecosystem of products that help manage businesses more simply and optimally, including services:

  • Operation consulting and providing digital transformation solutions
  • Providing high-quality IT personnel
  • Software development services
  • Strategic cooperation products

Over the pastime, GTS has strived to become a leading provider of operational consulting services and digital transformation solutions with top service quality in Vietnam and the region.

GTS – Gathering Top IT Experts and Talents

GTS is proud of its professional and talented staff, a team carefully selected from highly qualified experts and talents in the IT field in Vietnam. GTS’s mission is to constantly create advanced, breakthrough software solutions to meet all customer needs.

Quality and Professionalism – Top Criteria

GTS not only puts perfection and quality commitment as the top criteria but also creates a professional, flexible and creative working style. This helps GTS to constantly progress and develop, build trust and confidence from customers.

Mission – Turning ideas into reality

GTS believes that every customer’s idea and dream can become a reality. GTS’s mission is to maximize creativity and technology to turn those ideas into perfect products and services, bringing real value to customers.

Improving IT Quality and Services

GTS is committed to continuously improving the quality and service of IT, meeting all customer requirements with professionalism and dedication. This means continuous learning and improvement, ensuring that GTS is always at the forefront of the industry.

Training and Human Resource Development

GTS not only focuses on product and service development but also pays special attention to training and human resource development. GTS takes every opportunity to improve the qualifications and skills of its employees, aiming to become world-class IT experts.

With a dedicated vision and mission, GTS Vietnam is committed to continuing to accompany customers, providing advanced software solutions and top quality services, building sustainable partnerships and sustainable development in the future.

Global Technology Solutions Vietnam

Representative office: No. 92, Adjacent 22, Van Canh Urban Area, Hoai Duc, Hanoi.

Phone number: 091.955.1869


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